3 Ways To Captivate An Audience With Your Branding Video

The word “viral video” is becoming a daily occurrence. It is not surprising since videos are the most engaging form of information and entertainment campaign. Some videos were just posted as random, while some, like most branding videos, are carefully-thought out, usually by a Los Angeles production company that can achieve the correct strategies and purposes.

Videos leave blueprints for the brain to process the information faster and more accurate. Most audiences would prefer receiving information by watching a video. If this is the case, you need to find ways to make your branding video as captivating as possible. Here are a few tips to achieve this.

1 Understand who your target audience is. Your product will not work for all, not everybody will be interested in buying it. Select the right demographics, and then understand what they can achieve from using your product. Appeal to their senses by creating visuals that will make them believe that they need your product. Again, do not try to please everybody with your product. If you will keep on insisting that your video should appeal to all, you will lose your sense of direction and your video will not be convincing at all.

2 Choose the right setting. As much as possible, avoid a setting that has you up against a flat wall. It looks boring and amateurish. But you don’t need a very expensive set-up as well.

What you need is a more natural set, something that the audience can recognize as their own environment.

Try not to rent a location, or hire a professional to stage a set. Your own office, your house, and your surroundings can be a great setting for your video.

3 Keep your video short, but not short enough as if you are in a hurry.  Expert video makers and advertisers suggest keeping the video to a 2-minute mark. A video longer is less likely to retain the audiences attention.

Most of the viewers will be watching the video on their mobile devices so if the video takes long before they can get to the point of the video, they will move on. Be mindful to not waste your investment in making it.

If you want to create a long video, like an interview or presentation video, you can actually make a teaser video first where a link to the longer video is available. In that way, you will get the audience’s attention by making him watch the entire video in his spare time.


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